Company Profile

Triode Corporation Ltd. which celebrated the 15th anniversary of foundation is the independent system specialized producer of not only a Tube amplifier fan but my national number widely loved by the audio fan. The headquarters was established in Koshigaya-shi, Saitama and Mr. Jun-ichi Yamazaki that it was a former Japan National Railway man established. "VP-300BD" which won award in 1997. It was changed into the new version in 2003, and sale is still continued. Although it is thought that it was the start from the so-called back yard maker so, there are many products of a Tube amplifiers. Attention was attracted, lineup was also expanded and the power amplifier which used popular 300Btubes also for the its original work group as a Direct heating tubes trilateral pipe especially became present existence. Although it will be used in many cases at a usually simple single end if it is called 300B, in Triode, the parallel sigle-ended circuit which arranged two singles in parallel is adopted. It can be called the way of thinking which also maintains the purity by considering as single composition, compensating the power of small 300B of an output. Although it is dealing not only with a Tube amplifier type but with transistor amplifier, a center is a vacuum tube too. The unique DA converter using the vacuum tube also invited popularity to the output stage. Moreover, even if it calls it tube amplifier, unlike the garage product of a its original work level, it may also be called feature to have sense of stability truly like an industrial product, such as a transformer case by adoption and careful finish of a strong aluminum panel. In addition, the product of the company is sold in many cases by the kit simultaneously with finished goods. If confidence is in an arm, in the reason for becoming relatively cheap, it may also be one of the popular causes. The companies are also a British speaker and the import agency of gold one Spendor. The combination of a traditional apendor gold sound and the newest tube amplifier is also pleasant. In addition, the Internet part sale of craft products, such as a vacuum tube, and highly precise resistance, a capacitor, is also performed. Naturally it cannot just be going to overlook feedback for the product by treating such a quality part.